Father and Children’s Law Center:
Fighting for Fathers’ Rights

Custody may not be right for every father, but every father should have equal right to custody.

Father and Children's Law CenterThis is why we decided to create the Father and Children’s Law Center. There is a need for fathers and men in the divorce system to be aggressively represented regarding issues involving custody, visitation and support. Although more consideration is being given to fathers when deciding custody and visitation, there is still a great deal of inequality favoring women in Oklahoma courtrooms. Although the legislature has enacted statutes to attempt to provide fathers equal access to their children, it still remains an uneven playing field.

Study after study has shown that children need a strong positive male influence in their lives in order to achieve success. Oklahoma courts consider the best interests of the child in order to determine custody and visitation issues. More and more fathers are staying home with their children, providing equal time in the parenting role of their children or providing the primary parenting role.

Father and Children's Law CenterAs recent client Ronnie Caldwell has declared “All fathers should go to the Father and Children’s Law Center.” Not only was Ronnie Caldwell awarded joint custody of his children, he was named the primary custodial parent.

Protecting and aggressively representing the men of Oklahoma was the reason and continues to be the driving force behind the creation of the Father and Children’s Law Center.